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Keeper - City of New York
Baltimore pre 1st issue Lt. of So. Dist.
Oxnard Police 1st issue badge
City of New York Dockmaster 1870
U.S. Indian Forest Service badge.
Toledo, Ohio B. Mahon badge circa 1830
Western Pacific RR Nevada badge.
San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose Ry. badge.
Springfield, MA police badge.
Lebanon, PA Police badge #8
San Francisco Patrol Driver badge #8
Early Philadelphia Detective Badge
State of New York Mine Inspector
Great Bend, PA Police badge. 1st issue
Stockton, CA Police badge. 1st issue.
Placerville, CA Patrolman badge.
Hoover Dam Federal Police Sgt.
Atlantic City Police #12.
Denver Mint Guard badges.
New London, CT Park Police badge
City of Los Angeles Port Pilot 3.
Columbus, OH 1st issue badge.
Milwaukee Police 1st issue badge
Green Island, New York Police
Santa Monica #3 Police
Alameda Co. Sheriff Becker to Del Howard
10k gold Chief Deputy Sheriff of Salt Lake Co.
1851 Rules and Regulations book New York PD.
LAPD Series 5 Policeman, early issue.
Colorado Springs Police Detective Martin
1966 W500 Dodge Power Wagon Fremont PD
1st issue NYPD Captain badge, 16th Patrol Dist.
1st issue NYPD Sergeant badge Circa 1845
2nd issue NYPD Metropolitan badge
Merrill, Wis 1st issue police badge
Moline, IL 1st issue police badge
Winona, MN 1st issue police badge
Dickson City Borough, PA 1st issue police badge.
Chicago Police 1st issue badge #61
Columbia South Carolina City Police
Butte, MT Police shield
Boise, ID Police badge
Greenport, NY 1st issue Police badge #2
Superior, WI 1st issue Police badge.
Borrego Springs,San Diego Co. Badge
Petaluma Constable Frank Adel
San Luis Obispo Police badge
New Orleans Fire Badge
1st issue Milwaukee South Side Sergeant
1st issue Atlantic City badge
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Toledo Sergeant of Police badge.
Philadelphia Police Detective badge.