Brevoort Badge 450
Brevoort Badge bk 450

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May, 2021

Sheriff County Kauai Rice
Sheriff County Kauai Rice
Samuel Brevoort inscription.
Wrangell Police 450
Wrangell Police bk 450
Pres Chief A 450
Pres Chief A bk 450
San Francisco Police issued Press Pass #88 for the Golden Gate International Exposition, held at San Francisco's Treasure Island, was a World's Fair celebrating, among other things, the city's two newly built bridges. The San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge opened in 1936 and the Golden Gate Bridge in 1937. The exposition opened from February 18, 1939, through October 29, 1939, and from May 25, 1940, through September 29, 1940.  Made by P and M.K. Co.
Joseph McGee Police Commissioner L. I. City, N.Y. 14k gold presentation badge made by C.G. Braxmar N.Y.
Jos McGee LI City Police Comm Presented By The Citizens of the First Ward Feb. 17th 1883.
San Francisco Police badge #88, made by Irvine & Jachens.  1027 Market St. S.F. and dated 4-14-14.  Sterling.  This badge number was issued  to John J. O'Donnell.
San Bernardino County Sheriff Reserve Mobile Unit badge #4, hallmarked Geo. Schenck Los Angeles.
Lake Arrowhead Surgeon Lavon Bramwell 450
Lake Arrowhead Surgeon Lavon Bramwell bk 450
Englewood Chief of Police Chas. A. Ellis
808 Pie Plate 450
808-Corp 450
808-Sgt 450
808 Lt. 450
808 Captain
NC Marshal 450
SB Co Mobile Unit Reserve patch
Healdsburg City Marshal badge, sterling silver, jeweler made.
Hobbs Chief of Police 450
Colton Policeman 1
Honolulu Fire Dept Police circa 1850's.
Kelso - Sutter Constable badges.
State of California Department of Fish & Game badge #242.  Hallmarked Ed Jones & Co. Oakland, CAL Sterling Gold Front.
Richmond Constable Arthur S. Hatch 450
SM Co.DS Nick Guida 450
Humboldt Co DS 450
Plymouth Special 17
Chowchilla 6 450
Plumas V. A. Carlton Deputy Sheriff, made by Ed Jones & Co. Oakland, CAL Gold Front.
Boulder Police 5pt 450
Boulder Police 5pt bk 450
Dover Police Badge W.S. Sterling
Dover Police Badge W.S. Sterling
SFPD Sgt 123 badge bk 450
San Francisco Police Sergeant star #123, issued to Frank M. Black who joined the department on November 25, 1902.  Hallmarked Irvine & Jachens 1027 Market St. S. F.
NYPD L.W. Sofield Det badge 14k gold.
NYPD L.W. Sofield Det badge Pres. To Det. Lester W. Sofield From Members of the 2nd Squad Detectives App. 1-2-30    Ret. 10-23-1950.  14k
Sterling silver Seattle Police Detective Lieutenant with hard fired blue enamel.
Customs Investigator Hat badge
Treasury U. S. Customs Service sterling wings.

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