San Francisco Police Chief Martin J. Burke’s 14k gold presentation badge.  The San Francisco Bulletin newspaper in May of 1860 mentioned his badge and called it “Dazzling”.
Reverse of Chief Martin Burke’s badge showing the presentation.
Town Marshal Ferndale  badge, sterling silver, hand engraved with hard fired black enamel, circa 1890.
City Marshal Hillsboro, O. badge, jeweler made, sterling silver.
Newest Arrivals banner.
Mt. Buillion Constable Badge Merritt W. Thomas
San Francisco Police Inspector badge #356 presented to John I. Toomey 2-1-51.  Hallmarked R.S. Peters 14k.
Presented to John I. Toomey By The Members Of The Chinatown Squad.  2-1-51.
Sacramento Deputy Sheriff badge #7, sterling silver, 
Chico Officer Ed Martin's sterling presentation badge.
Back of badge showing presentation, date and hallmark.
San Francisco Police Inspector badge #554
Oakland Police Sergeant #244, worn by Inspector Clyde Archibald Crosswell who was appointed 12-1-22.  Sterling silver, hand engraved with hard fired enamel lettering.
Sacramento Police Detective Sergeant No. 7, circa 1920 and worn by Ed Brown.
Eureka Police Sergeant badge, hallmarked Ed Jones Co., circa 1922.
Detective Sergeant badge #17 worn by Eugene R. Wall who joined the department on 10/9/1891.  By 1910 he rose to the rank of Captain of Detectives.
Pacific Grove, CA  Police badge 2, sterling.  Hallmarked Irvine & Jachens 1068 Mission St. S.F.
Sacramento P.D. Captain of Police badge made by J. N. Phillips Jeweler Sacramento.
Sealer S. F. Sealer of Weights & Measures
Santa Monica Police Commissioner badge.  Sterling silver.
Constable Contra Costa Co.  Made by Patrick Co. S.F.  Circa 1895.
A perfect example of the “jewelers art” this hand engraved Stockton police detective star #7 is made of sterling silver and hallmarked Ed Jones Co. Oakland.  Circa 1925.
1914 -1920 Mayor's Special Usher police badge.
William J. McCarthy presentation police baton.
1st issue Pasadena Police badge #11.
Image of a Pasadena policeman wearing 1st issue badge #3.
1885 John Quinn Alderman badge reverse showing  removable locket.
Presentation reads “An expression of friendship from W. M. Veale 1931.
Presentation badge to C. H. Palmer Chief Police Martinez, CAL. circa 1931.
Kenneth F. Sutherland President Gravesend Exempt Vol. Firemens Association presentation badge.  Hallmarked 14k C. G. Braxmar Co. N.Y.  3 7/8" tall.
Presented to Kenneth F. Sutherland By A Few Of His Many Friends Jan. 25, 1905.
President C. I. F. D. (Coney Island)
Reverse of badge showing presentation.
The personal badge of famed Oakland badge maker Ed Jones. Hallmarked (you guessed it) Ed Jones Oakland Sterling. Pictured in Witherells book California's Best. Ed Jones was a member of the Native Sons of the Golden West, Athens Parlor No. 195. Along with the state seal there is also a scene of the newly constructed Bay Bridge, and the U.S. and State Flags. Left and right of the bridge scene are the state flower, California Golden Poppies done in yellow enamel, representing "fields of gold". In the center is an enameled Oak tree for which the city of Oakland is named. After the word Calif., you can see 3 waterfowl taking off. It has a pin and catch and weighs in at 4.84 oz. of sterling.
18k gold 1885 John Quinn Alderman badge.
Pacific Grove Police Sergeant made by P-M&K S.F.
Honolulu Police badge #17 and crossed oars.  Sterling silver with hard fired black enamel.
Presented to San Francisco Police Judge Matt Brady, this 1929 California NATIVE SONS OF THE GOLDEN WEST styled 14k solid gold figural badge: “GRAND PAST PRESIDENT.” These are extremely uncommon and were given out to special individuals within that group and rarely to others. The workmanship on this piece is superb with both the California Republic BEAR flag and the U.S. flag adorned with beautiful and detailed enameled work.  The theme of this piece is purely California depicting an imposing Figural GOLD MINER with his mining tools, next to an iconic California Grizzly Bear seated. Up against the miner is a gold pan with a natural native gold nugget.   The miner is gripping both flags in his two hands.
To my dear friend Judge Matt Brady on his 53rd Birthday April 1st 1929.  From Eddie Geosler.
S. F. P. D. Corporal #132 Emile Hearn who was appointed Feb. 18, 1909 and was promoted to Corporal Sept. 1, 1926.
San Francisco Sergeant badge #794, sterling silver and made by Irvine & Jachens 1068 Mission St. S.F.  Badge is dated on the reverse Jan-30-1929 and was issued to Thomas P. McInerney who was appointed July 30, 1917.
Los Angeles County Lifeguard Service / Superintendent / Deputy Sheriff badge.
Orland Constable badge dated Feb. 1912, worn by Walter Hicks who served well into the 1930’s.  Orland is located in Colusa County in Northern California.
Major R. P. Hammond’s 14k gold presentation badge, President Police Commissioners.  Initials in monogram N P H.
Arthur K. Bourne’s 14k gold Los Angeles Co. Deputy Sheriff badge adorned with 98 diamonds, 2 saphires and 2 rubies.  Presented to him by Wm. I. Traeger Sheriff Los Angeles.  Arthur K. Bourne was heir to the Singer Sewing Machine fortune and friend of law enforcement.
A. K. Bourne was presented with this 14k & 18k gold Deputy Prosecutor Los Angeles Co. badge hallmarked Everard & Co.  It is adorned with 16 diamonds, 1 ruby & 1 sapphire.
This sterling badge was used in the Japanese Internment Camp during WWII.  The camp was located south of the City of Tulelake in Modoc County.
Joseph Hilton Deadwood Fire Chief watch fob.
Presentation on reverse of badge, D F D to Joseph Hilton Dec 13, 1920 Black Hills 14k.

Deadwood Fire Department

Personal badges of William B. Payne.
Honolulu Police badge #33, sterling with hard fired black enamel and hand engraved.
Captain Kauai Police badge #1, sterling and hand engraved, circa 1880.
Fresno Co. deputy sheriff badge #7 made by Fresno Rubber Stamp Co. circa 1915.
Fresno Co. deputy sherrif badge named to W. W. Wheat, made by Entenmenn circa 1928.
Del Rey Oaks Police badge number 2, hallmarked Irvine & Jachens sterling.
Del Rey Oaks Police hat badge number 2, hallmarked Irvine & Jachens sterling.
Probation Officer  badge Kauai.  Sterling silver with hard fired black enamel.
Earliest known style of badge for Morse Patrol.  Made by Wirth & Jachens San Francisco.  Circa 1890.
S. F. Press Pass badge #1341, issued by Chief of Police, made by Irvine & Jachens STERLING.
Marin County Press Pass badge #5, Issued by Walter B. Selmer Sheriff.  Made by Irvine & Jachens.
Livermore Asst. Chief of Police badge #1, gold front made by Ed Jones Co.
Board of Fire Commissioners Fire LIne Pass, L.A. Dist. tel. Co. badge #155, Los Angeles.  Made by Chipron 224 W. 1st St. Los Angeles.
Benicia Police badge circa 1930.  Made by Ed Jones & Co. Oakland, CAL.
M. M. Ingham Sheriff Lawrence County, PA 10k gold badge.  Served 1938 to 1941.  Hallmarked C. D. Reese New York.
Beautiful gold overlay on sterling silver presentation badge.  Enameled engraving around the border adds to the appeal of this Wheeling, West Virginia badge presented to Porter Smith.  Circa 1885
Beautiful gold overlay on sterling silver presentation badge.  Enameled engraving around the border adds to the appeal of this Wheeling, West Virginia badge presented to Porter Smith.  Circa 1885.
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